This isn’t about what is trending and how to schedule your wedding day. This is how you can make your wedding memorable from the heart. The anticipation of your wedding can often bring on stress striving for perfection. Perfect dress, perfect décor, perfect food. Picturing the whole experience for your guests as flawless just like the movies and all those pictures on Pinterest and Instagram. That simply is unrealistic.

We live in reality and not the movies. I am not saying to throw planning to the wind and completely ‘wing’ an especially important day. What I am saying is, don’t be afraid and just because something does not go perfectly as planned, it is not wrong.

1- Welcome imperfect moments. Don’t get caught up thinking that having the perfect wedding will lead you into the perfect marriage, job, house, family, etc. It is the imperfect of the day and how you tackle it as a couple that will bring you closer together and lead you into a lifetime of learning – together. Those moments that are not perfect is what makes an impact and people remember because they are genuine. Ever notice that when people share stories about their vacation, it’s never about what went exactly as planned? It is the unpredictable that creates laughter and the makings of a good story. Whatever comes your way just know that you will be ok.

2- One person’s perfect is not everyone’s perfect. Which is exactly why you should just Be You. One of the best compliments you can hear is “oh, that is sooooo you!” Your guests are there to support and celebrate. It is fine if not everyone fully understands your version of perfect. Be authentic and the whole guest experience will follow. Don’t just take my word for it. Check out www.offbeatbride.com and the fun stories of those that do their weddings their way.

3- Remind yourself often that it is your day of marriage more than a wedding. Relax and enjoy your wedding day to its fullest. If you are relaxed, everyone around you will follow. And we all know a relaxed vibe is much more fun than a stuffy one. Take that picture with a funny face. Have your photographer get in close on the laughter. Encourage your videographer to do a blooper reel for a keepsake!

by Janna Tappa Photography

Without imperfection there is not perfection. Now go make those memories!