About Us

Hello! Welcome to Mystic Ponds Estate. Started by us – Faith & Tim – aka crazy naive dreamers and doers.

We are excited to share our labor of love restoration of an old barn, overgrown trails and unkept ponds. For 7 years we dedicated our nights and weekends to cleaning, construction and modernizing the property to be able to share with you our little haven. It is a place of wonder to be reminded to slow down, celebrate and appreciate the small things in life.

My (Faith) passion for people, creativity and organization couldn’t be denied any longer. Weddings and events have been my solo jam at MPE since fall of 2021! Luckily my husband Tim shared that vision and is skilled on the execution side while I was the labor of tear down, clean up and make pretty. I make it sound easy right? Ummmm… don’t be fooled. Before owning and operating MPE, I worked in project management, marketing and branding for national and global food companies for 25+ years . It fueled my gluttony for good food and the challenge of a detailed project!

We adore people who do things their own way so can’t wait to hear what you have planned at Mystic Ponds Estate. Cheers to wishing you an event that is exciting every step of the way, unique and full of memories!

-Faith & Tim Rutzen