This isn’t about what is trending and how to schedule your wedding day. This is how you can make your wedding memorable from the heart. The anticipation of your wedding can often bring on stress striving for perfection. Perfect dress, perfect décor, perfect food. Picturing the whole experience for your guests as flawless just like the movies and all those pictures on Pinterest and Instagram. That simply is unrealistic.

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Central Wisconsin Micro and Intimate Weddings

What is difference between a micro, intimate and traditional wedding? There are a few takes on this but there is a common thread –guest count! A micro wedding is smaller with the closest inner circle of friends and family with attendance typically around 50 whereas an intimate wedding is a group of guests around 100. For these, think more personal and more detail than ever before. Micro and intimate weddings actually started trending in 2018 but have gotten extra buzz more recently and are in central Wisconsin. What is all the buzz about?

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5 Reasons to Have a Barn Wedding

If you are dreaming or planning a wedding, choosing a venue is an exciting time but can easily become overwhelming with so many choices.  If you are on the fence, here are a few reasons why barns are so popular for weddings.

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