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Central Wisconsin Micro and Intimate Weddings

What is difference between a micro, intimate and traditional wedding? There are a few takes on this but there is a common thread –guest count! A micro wedding is smaller with the closest inner circle of friends and family with attendance typically around 50 whereas an intimate wedding is a group of guests around 100. For these, think more personal and more detail than ever before. Micro and intimate weddings actually started trending in 2018 but have gotten extra buzz more recently and are in central Wisconsin. What is all the buzz about?


Starting with what might seem like the obvious but look at it this way – micro and intimate weddings are not a compromise. It is a solution because the reality is that covid-19 has given some uncertainty possibly for you and your guests. A smaller wedding will ease the concerns. A distanced seating layout with grouping by households for the ceremony and dinner will be easier with less guests in any venue space.


Large groups are no problem if you are an extrovert. Raise your hand to my similar souls! Of course, that is not a one size fits all situation. There is a time and a place that even extroverts want higher engagement with fewer guests rather than mini convo sessions with everyone they know. If you are the introvert, embrace your own inner soul so you can share your day with your closest tribe and make them a meaningful part of your most important day. That also means your partner because a smaller guest count will allow you more time during the day to enjoy each other. After all, that is what the day is all about!

Mystic Ponds Estate – Event Venue – Sunset


The higher your guest count the more people there are to entertain. That is a lot of planning to be done. How long will it take to feed everyone? It takes longer to feed 250 guests than it does 50 guests. Ok so not earth shattering but note worthy. Take that same notion and apply it to everything about the day and you will find that traditional weddings take a little more scheduling than micro and intimate weddings. Less guests will alleviate some of that full schedule.


Similar to the stress equation, it is the same for the budget equation. Food and beverage for 250 guests requires a bigger budget. No surprise again. But take that same idea of food and beverage and apply it to more tables means more table décor. And more beverages mean more ice. You get it…. Scaling back the guest list gives you the option to have it all on a smaller budget or to splurge on your dream cake, signature cocktail or food truck.

Stone Press Food Truck – Paninis


The aisle is your catwalk. Own it and strut your gorgeous self to the altar knowing your closest friends and family are a judge free zone. They do not care if you are 15 minutes late or if your makeup is smudged from joyful tears. They are there to support you and your new future as a couple.


When your guests find out you are having a micro or intimate wedding, they will immediately know that a good time is coming, with YOU. No long waits in line to get 2 minutes with you. It is common to be more personal with additional activities with your guests. What is your style? Yard games, scavenger hunt, karaoke, caricature artist, photo booth, wine and beer tasting. The day is yours to make.

Oversized Ladder Ball


Last because it is the most important. Wedding planning can be overwhelming, and it should not overpower your engagement. It is essential to focus on your relationship and build the foundation for your future. Keep dating and put each other first throughout the process!

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